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Samvaada is a dialogue which allows a flow of meaning among us,

a flow of love and connection between parents and children,

a flow of connection and encouragement between fellow parents, 

a flow of Dharma between contributing members of society. 

Samvaada enriches our lives.  

Our newsletters made with love by Rashmi Kaikini & the editorial team are full of goodness, valuable resources and expressions of children as they learn and lead the path of Dharma. Please click on the links below. Learn and enjoy!

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1.Our inaugural issue and Annual Newsletter 2020

This issue includes a welcome letter by Swamini Brahmaprajnananda, a note on how to establish a spiritual foundation for our children, links to several informative and engaging youtube videos of shlokas and marga-darshanam, guidance to parents. It also includes a valuable resource about a review of all resources online for the spiritual heritage of India.

2. Jan – March 2021 Quarterly newsletter  

As we approach the celebration of Rama Navami, what better way to celebrate than start the issue with an appreciation of you, wonderful parents as you live your dharma! There are links to our new video series – Dharma – the secret of all superheroes, the power of three devata-s, announcement to our upcoming SHINE online camp and our children’s space full of meaning and creativity.

3. April – June 2021 Quarterly Newsletter – 

We complete our Dharma trilogy series with our new  release,’The power and magic of karma’. The newsletter includes an article on Guru Purnima, the inspiring story of Swami Chinmayananda, highlights of our online SHINE camp, video links and beautiful expressions by children.    

4. July-Sept 2021 Quarterly Newsletter

Festivals have always been a very key and an integral part of every culture. The months of Ashadha (July), Shravana (Aug) and Bhadrapada (Sep), are very auspicious, as, in these months, we seek blessings of our different Rishis, Devatas and Pitrs (ancestors). The newsletter includes a welcome note by Sonali Ambasankar and articles on Janmashtami and Navaratri and our SHINE students have  enthusiastically participated in these festivities.

5. Oct-Dec 2021 Quaterly Newsletter

Its been a wonderful journey with our Shine Samvaada as we  welcome the New Year. Its gratifying to see the involvement of our children in honoring our ancestors, celebrating Navaratri and Deepavali, contributing to a cause on Children’s Day and reveling in the knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita. 

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