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Namaste. We are all set to welcome your wonderful children to our exciting online camp. 

  1. Prayers and Shlokas – Simple shlokas to say daily which will bless them

  2. Dhyanam and Chanting –Simple steps to calm restlessness and increase concentration.

  3. How to do a 5-step Puja? Easy to perform 5 step puja.

  4. Role plays and discussion We help to develop a solution based approach to problems faced by children. 

  5. Introduction to Sanskrit sounds and letters

  6. Drumming, Bhajan singing, Doodling. 

To get a sense of how much learning and fun it will be, scroll down below for a video of the highlights of our recent camp with children from India. 

Here are some FAQs, which you need to read well before you register for our upcoming camp: 

Q:Who is the teacher for the camp? 

The online SHINE camp will be facilitated by Mrs Sonali Ambasankar, a teacher of Sanskrit Chanting with students in India and across the globe. A mother of two children, she has been conducting ongoing SHINE classes with other children since the past 2 years. She is a disciple of Swamini Brahmaprajnanada Saraswati and has been studying Vedanta under her since the past 7.5 years.  A singer with training in Hindustani Classical Music,  she has worked in the field of Consumer Insights for close to 10 years after her MBA. 

Q: What are the requirements for the camp?

Since the camp is online and interactive your child will need to keep the camera switched on.

Your internet network should be stable. 

Camera and microphone should be working. 

The child could wear earphones/headphones if comfortable.

Q: Can the sibling attend along with the first child?

Possible, if they are in the mentioned age group. We offer a sibling discount of USD 5 on the total fees.

Q: Does my child need to prepare for the camp?

No. Your child can relax and enjoy the camp. 

Q: Can I enrol my child on the day of the camp?

Pre-registration is mandatory. We have limited seats and accommodating last minute entries will be difficult. However, if a seat is available due to cancellations then it will be considered. Entries will be taken on a first come first serve basis.

Q: When does the registration close?

25th June 2021.

Q: Can my child attend only some days of the camp?

Full attendance for the camp is appreciated. 

In case of emergencies or due to health reasons, if the child is unable to attend then it will be considered. Do email us and let us know. 

Q: When is my child’s seat confirmed?

Seat is confirmed once the Google form is submitted and the PayPal contribution is made. Please mention your child’s name in the PayPal remarks. 

Please note: In order to confirm your child’s seat for the camp full payment is mandatory, that confirms your child’s seat. 

We shall email you the link for the camp a day prior to the start of the camp.i.e. by June 27th.

Please note that the link would be exclusive only for your child and must not be shared with anyone. 

Q: Will my child’s photos be published?

Camp images/contents will be used for our social media and website connect. If you are not comfortable with your child being featured, then please let us know in advance. By agreeing to be a part of the camp, you agree and have no problems with your child’s images/videos being published on our social media and website. 

Q: When will we receive the link?

Link will be sent 24 hrs prior to the camp start dates. Same link will be used for all 5 days.

Q: Do I get a refund in case my child is unable to attend? 

Cancellations are possible only upto 2 days before the camp starts. (Before June 26th)

In case you cancel 2 days prior to the start of the camp, the fees would be refunded. 

In case of later cancellations, no refunds would be made. Only in case of health related emergencies, cancellations and refunds would be considered on a case to case basis. 

Please remember, your last minute cancellation means some other child has lost the opportunity to attend the camp.

Other important instructions:

No eating during the camp.

Strictly adhere to timings.

Sit in a peaceful, non-noisy area in the house.

Please ask the children to finish off washroom visits before the camp starts.

Do keep a water bottle near the child’s chair.

Q: How do I register?

Please fill up the google form and make the payment through Paypal here – 

For any other questions please write to

Happy to share the highlights of our  online Shine Summer Camp in April 2021.