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Arsha Vidya Ananda

We have been blessed with a flowing tradition of the wisdom of the Rishis, (Arsha Vidya) which reveals – Your nature is Ananda, lasting happiness. This vision of Vedanta frees you from fear, sorrow and self judgment. Your life becomes a blessing of love, meaning and connection to all

You matter- Insights from Vedanta book

Includes answers to questions - the purpose of life, blessings of every moment, the dance of karma, the role of a guru and much more.

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Vision of the unchanging reality and a joyful way of life, guided meditations and much more.

Join SHINE for Kids

Early start on the Spiritual Heritage of India.

Vedanta - the river of wisdom podcast

Weekly podcast which reveals that you are pure being having a human experience.

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Teachings for a life of oneness and connection. Live & Recorded courses (4 - 36 sessions)

Join Chanting and Puja classes

Chanting stotras (devotional Sanskrit verses) blesses you and the world. The What, Why and How of performing puja.

Learn Now:

Svadharma – Discovering and Living our Life Purpose

Life is short. We want our lives to matter. We have often sought the answer to ‘What is the purpose of my life?’

Modern society tells us to ‘Find your passion’, ‘Have work-life balance.’ These incomplete slogans do not help. To live a complete and well rounded life, our ancients guided us to anchor ourselves on Sanatana Dharma. Depending on our age and stage of life and uniqueness we can discover and live our svadharma. Living the good life is a life of Svadharma, a life of purpose and connection  

Course at the Hindu University of America (online) –  January 15 – March 26, 2023

Every Sunday

Time: 10:00 am EST – 11:30 am EST

Details and registration Register before 4th January 2023 to avoid late fees   

Learn from Videos

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Dr. Bina Nangia


“ It is truly my Punya phalam which has got me in touch with Swaminiji, my guru. I was learning Vedanta from various people but Swaminiji has given me the clarity which I needed. ”


Dileep V


“ Om shri gurubhyoh namah. My first experience while studying from Swaminiji is that I have found my path. This is exactly how I wanted to travel to reach my goal (moksha).


Elaine Rochetti


“I feel the presence of Ishvara guiding me, correcting me, teaching me, encouraging me, deeply loving me through Swamini’s presence, her words, her eyes. ”


Gunjan Arora


“ My motivation in learning the shastra has increased and so has the connection with it. The way she relates the knowledge of the shastra to our personal and daily lives is an extraordinary way of making the two inseparable. ”


Hiral Rathod


“ The understanding given by Swamini ji with relevant examples helps me to understand the meaning of the verses of Bhagavad Gita in a much better and clear way. ”


Carlos Andrade


“ You know that feeling of borrowing the teacher’s mind during a class? It was my feeling at this Vedanta camp. It was revealing to feel this freedom of understanding even by living strong emotional processes, realizing that the “comfort” of knowledge makes you prefer simplicity to luxury.”

Swamini B

Vedanta Teacher & Author

Swamini Brahmaprajnananda (Swamini B) has dedicated her life to serving the Vedic tradition by sharing teachings of Advaita Vedanta. A Hindu monk who currently lives in Mumbai (India) her teachings range from the depth and breadth of self mastery to self discovery. Dedicated students and seekers from around the world resonate with her clarity for transformation, gentle guidance and warm approach.

Listen to our podcast: Vedanta- the river of wisdom

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As monks we do not earn for a living nor teach Vedanta for a living. Our life revolves around a single commitment of sharing what we have received from our guru-s and preserving the tradition. Your kindness will help us share the teachings widely. It will also help you fulfill one of your five sacred relationships (panchamahayajna*).
*Sacred duty towards – Devatas (deities), Pitrs (ancestors), Rishis (teachers and the Vedic culture), Bhuta (Environment) and Manushyah(people).
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